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All I Want For Christmas

December 5, 2018

It is no secret that I love Christmas. I love everything about the season. Christmas trees and Christmas decorations, Christmas blend coffee and Christmas carols. Sure, there is extra activity and added demands on the schedule, which can make the season seem harried and stressful, but for me, the extra demands are offset by the seasonal charm – the warmth of family gatherings and the added time with friends. Whether it is attending one of our grandchildren’s school Christmas programs, or sitting and sipping a cup of coffee with friends, the experience is richer than at  any other time of the year.

As enjoyable as the traditions and the festivities of the holiday season are, they still take a back seat to the Christ child. Christmas remains the celebration of the birth of the saviour, Christ our Lord.

The world  may be clamouring  for many things  this Christmas, but what I want for Christmas is simple, and it is expressed as our theme this December. “All I want for Christmas is Hope, Peace, Joy and Love.” The good  news, is that each has been made available to us since that first Christmas, in the person of Jesus Christ the Lord. As  an added bonus, hope, peace, joy and love all increase the more you give them away.

To help you remain focused on the Jesus, who is our HOPE, our PEACE, the JOY of nations and perfect LOVE, we present the following daily scriptures, to reflect  upon, and share with others this Christmas. May the power of His Word keep you heart focused on Him and give you the desire to be a carrier of Hope, Peace, Joy and Love this Christmas season.

– Kevin & Shari Dowling



Dec 1          Psalm 146:5-10

Dec 2          Jeremiah 17:7,8

Dec 3          Jeremiah 29:11-13

Dec 4          Lam 3:22-26

Dec 5          Romans 5:1-8

Dec 6          Romans 4:16-22

Dec 7          Romans 8 :18-25

Dec 8          Isaiah 11:1-5



Dec 9          Psalm 122:6-8

Dec 10       Isaiah 26:1-4

Dec 11       Isaiah 52:1-7

Dec 12       Isaiah 53:1-5

Dec 13       Isaiah 9:6,7

Dec 14       Isaiah 52:3-7

Dec 15       Isaiah 55:1-12

Dec 16       John 14:25-27

Dec 17       Mic 5:2-5



Dec 18       Luke 1:5-25

Dec 19       Luke 1:26-38

Dec 20       Matt 1:18-25

Dec 21       Luke 1:39-56

Dec 22       Luke 1:57-66

Dec 23       Luke 2:1-7

Dec 24       Luke 28-20

Dec 25       Matt 2:1-12

Dec 26       Matt 2:13-18

Dec 27       Matt 2:19-23



Dec 28       John 3:1-5

Dec 29       John 1:6-13

Dec 30       John 1:14-18

Dec 31       John 3:1-7