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October 2, 2019

Do you have anyone you really don’t like to spend time with? You know, the kind of person that when you see them, you hope they didn’t see you and you quickly dodge to the other side of the street to avoid them. If there is such a person in your life, there is a good chance you feel as you do about them, because they are a whiner and a complainer. For me, there is nothing more I like to avoid, than someone who is always complaining.

A complainer’s root problem, is selfishness, and it manifests itself in a whining and complaining spirit and a complete lack of gratitude. Now I know that selfishness has many other faces, like greed, jealousy, arrogance and pride which are much easier to identify, as symptoms of selfishness than ungratefulness, but that doesn’t change the fact, that an ungrateful heart, is a sure sign of selfishness

In truth we have little to complain about in the nation of Canada. In fact, we should likely be the most grateful people on earth! We have stable government, (despite the TV advertisements we are subjected to on a nightly basis during the election). We have an abundance of resources, and lots of room for expansion. We have access to health care and education, and can even choose our own careers (and husbands for that matter).

Would it surprise you to know that even if you are presently without work, and financially struggling, you are still in the top 10% of the world’s wealthiest people?

I know Canada is not perfect. I know that there are individuals facing economic difficulties, even in this great nation. I know that for all of its good points, we don’t live in a perfect country, but we still live in an amazing nation and during an awesome dispensation.

Advances in everything from agriculture to education, from medicine to technology, have had a tremendous impact on the quality of life around the globe, and especially here at home.

So as we approach Thanksgiving, let’s take some time to reflect upon the many ways we have been blessed. Let’s thank the Lord, creator of heaven and earth for all of His provision. Let’s determine today, to be a grateful people!


Let’s make sure people never cross the road to avoid us!