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Sermon Series

Character VS Reputation

March 12, 2019

What is the difference between “character” and “reputation”? In short, character is who you are; reputation is what you are said to be. A person can gain a reputation overnight and living with it can be a painful experience; but our character is fashioned by God and shaped by our walk with Him, and can… Continue reading Character VS Reputation

Are You a Son or Daughter of God?

September 12, 2018

In numerous places in the New Testament we find reference to the sons of God. Who are the sons of God? The simple answer, is that the sons of God are those who have experienced salvation, who have appropriated the work of Christ to their lives, and have been adopted into the family of God.… Continue reading Are You a Son or Daughter of God?

Welcome to Our Series on Inheritance

May 3, 2018

This month we began a series on inheritance. Understanding inheritance from a sound Biblical perspective is an essential ingredient to living an effective life for the Kingdom of God. Establishing His Kingdom is our earthly mandate. We do not preach the gospel of salvation but the gospel of the Kingdom. Salvation is not the end;… Continue reading Welcome to Our Series on Inheritance