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Delivering Christmas

December 8, 2017

Christmas time is here. People are shopping, going to parties and making travel arrangements for the holidays. Yes, indeed it is the season, but nowhere is it probably more evident than at UPS, where they have hired an additional 95,000 seasonal employees to handle the rush. Between American Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, UPS will handle more than 700 million packages, that number represents more than 28 million packages per day. Over at Fed Ex the story isn’t much different, although they don’t release their seasonal employment numbers, they too are handling twice the number of packages daily. Roughly 13% of all Christmas shopping in the US will be done this year online… that is 13% of 1 trillion.

Here north of the border, Canada Post is experiencing a renaissance. While email, Facebook and other forms of digital communication have decimated snail mail (when was the last time you wrote and mailed a letter?), the parcel business is booming. Canada Post will deliver over one million packages a day for 26 consecutive days, will hire 2,500 seasonal employees and rent up to 900 vehicles to handle the extra work load.

Delivering seasonal cheer in a package is what UPS, FED EX and Canada Post do – it is their purpose for being. Delivering Christmas Joy is what Christians do – it is our purpose for being. You see, the part of the redemption story which many people miss is that of spreading of the “Good News.” We were not redeemed just for Heaven; we were redeemed for earth as well. In other words, we are not just saved so we can go to heaven, we were saved to be earthly agents of His Glory. We have been strategically placed here to communicate His great love to the entire world!

So, this Christmas get on board and start delivering the greatest gifts of all – love, joy, peace and hope. The world will a better place because you did.